Over the years, all sorts of cultures have believed that wearing silver jewellery has proven to be beneficial for health. This is because of the electrical and thermal conductivity present in the metal.  

What does this mean?

Silver as a metal has the ability to generate an electrical field which distributes electricity and heat around the body, which in turn helps with blood circulation, temperature balance, and general healing.

Without getting into much technicalities, let us move forward and discuss the benefits of wearing silver jewelley.


Silver is a potent antimicrobial metal

The longer a person is exposed to silver, the greater the medicinal and health benefits of silver. Research shows that silver has the potential to kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. The positively charged silver ions possess this antimicrobial effect, and they target microorganisms via different modes of action. In addition to that, silver ions can destroy the energy production of the cell by blocking bacterial respiratory systems. This blockage will gradually lead to bursting of the bacterial cell membrane, thereby killing the bacteria.


Silver prevents electromagnetic radiations from entering the body

The positively charged silver ions mentioned above will also act as a shield to prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body. Silver interacts with the natural conductivity of the skin, thereby keeping it safe from electrical disturbances. These properties of silver are very beneficial for those using laptops or other electric devices for long hours.


Silver as a disinfectant

Did you know: Alexander the Great used to store water in silver containers? In ancient times, water containers were made out of silver because its antibacterial characteristic was ideal for disinfecting emergency drinking water. Silver was also used to prevent decaying of liquids and foods and is often used in water filters to prevent microbial growth. Further research shows that silver enhances the effectiveness of UV radiation which in turn inactivates viruses in water.

Apart from water, silver is an excellent metal for sterilizing and keeping germs away, and is hence the primary metal used for hospital tools. This is also why wearing silver jewellery can save you from germs and bacteria in the atmosphere.


Silver is a natural external heat regulator for your body

The natural cooling properties in silver can reduce excessive heat in your body, which causes fever, inflammation, heartburn, and extreme menstrual bleeding. When the precious metal comes into contact with your skin, it automatically improves heat circulation and regulation throughout your body. Many people have claimed that they feel a sense of relaxation after wearing silver jewellery.

Interesting Fact: Ayurveda doctors recommend ‘silver water’ to treat heat related problems. All you have to do is to put some pure silver pieces, coins or types of jewellery into two cups of water and boil it down to half. 1 teaspoon of this water three times a day should suffice.


Silver accessories detect toxicity in your environment

In the past, silver was an important metal used to detect arsenic poisoning because of the fact that silver tarnishes when it comes into contact with sulfur-based compounds. Silverware made it very easy for people to figure out if their food was tampered with poison, particularly in situations where assassination attempts on the nobility of the dynasty were made.

Today, people still believe that silver reacts to environmental elements and changes color when toxic substances are detected, thereby warning you that whatever you are in contact with could be dangerous. Some people also claim that silver jewellery should be worn more regularly because when it is worn for a long time, it might sometimes turn blue, indicating high sodium levels.


Silver has astrological health benefits

According to astrology belief systems, wearing silver jewellery brings happiness and is a symbol of prosperity in the house. Astrology believers wear silver to treat the wrong things in their health and life.

Silver jewellery improves the texture of one’s face and scars will gradually begin to fade. If you are under a lot of mental stress, are short tempered, or aggressive, silver jewellery can relax your mind. Complicated relationships can also be rectified with long-term use of silver accessories. Wearing silver enhances intelligences levels and sharpens the brain. Moreover, those who stammer have seen improvements by wearing a silver chain around their neck.


Silver helps with anxiety

Simple silver worry jewellery and ‘spinner rings’ are popular types of silver rings that feature an outer band that freely spins around the inner ring. This repetitive motion design provides a calming effect that helps prevent anxiety. When in public, if anxiety symptoms arise, just stay calm and you can quietly spin your silver ring. There are also silver bangles, puzzle rings and thin-lined rings with beads that are therapeutic for those suffering from anxiety.


Silver helps in Arthritis

Research has shown that particular types of silver rings can help reduce pain in the joint of a finger. These rings can fight hyperextension in finger joints, thereby reducing the Arthritis pain and keeping away chronic conditions.