Jewellery is an essential part of any outfit and can give the ultimate finishing touch to it. Which is why you must wear appropriate jewellery with each outfit and you must take great care of your jewellery to make sure it remains nice and shiny. Here are some common jewellery mistakes women often make regarding their jewellery.


Just like anything that is used regularly, jewellery also accumulates grime and dirt. When you wear jewellery, it stays against your skin for long periods of time, and also while you are performing several activities.

If you do not clean your jewellery, it will tarnish. Although the tarnish may not be visible initially, over time, it will be very noticeable.

Depending on each piece of jewellery and how you store it, cleaning may be needed as often as every few weeks. Cleaning could be either a gentle soap wash, or a more detailed process of grime and tarnish removal. By ensuring your jewellery looks its best, it means that you will look your best too.


Wearing your jewellery while swimming and/or bathing is probably the reason why your jewellery gets damaged. While in the shower, small pieces from your jewellery can easily slip off and go down the drain before you even realize that its missing. Moreover, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners can also be harmful to the condition of your jewellery. If going for a swim, it is best to remove whatever jewellery you are wearing because the chlorine in pool water and hot tubs will discolor the jewellery and weaken the gold. Saltwater from the sea can also work towards eroding the metals in your jewellery.


Before putting on the same necklace every day, always look at some other options. Browse through your collection and see what different lengths and types of necklaces you own. While accessorizing your outfit, consider different lengths to emphasize different body parts. Matching your neckline to your jewellery pieces is a good idea. When choosing a necklace, consider the length of your neck. If you have a long neck, short chains will bring out the beautiful neck, while a longer one will put emphasis on your collarbones.

Also consider the occasion that you are dressing up for. Although you may think a certain pendant looks great for a classy event, don’t wear the same one to office as it may seem out of place there.

Don’t try to look expensive all the time. Don’t overdo your look with too much jewellery as this may be seen as tacky. First decide on your clothing, then just consider about one or two pieces to compliment the look that you are going for.

Earrings are often classified as a subtle piece of jewellery. But these still have to be matched with the rest of your look, with particular importance on how you are going to wear your hair. If you are wearing your hair loose, earrings will hardly be noticed so go for a simple pair of studs. But if you are going to tie your hair in a bun or ponytail, the space between your ears and neck will be very much visible. In that case, go for something bigger and classy.

When it comes to tones, gold and silver are both lovely by themselves. Some people try to wear both tones together, but it is very difficult to pull this look off. Gold is better with warm tones such as olive or a Mediterrannean complexion. Sterling silver and platinum looks lovely on cooler skin tones. Therefore, when you purchase jewellery to add to your collection, consider your complexion and what will look best on you. There is a chance that both gold and silver will look good on you, but the chances of wearing them both at the same time and making it look good are very rare.


As much as you like one item in your jewellery collection, wearing it on a daily basis can become boring. If you are forgetting to change your jewellery, keep a note of the beginning of every new season as a reminder for a great time to change. Experiment with new pieces and looks while matching your jewellery to your clothes. In the process, make notes in your mind of which item goes well with which outfit, so it becomes faster the next time you are getting dressed for an occasion. By experimenting, you will also be able to figure out what kind of pieces are missing in your collection and you will know what to invest in next time you go jewellery shopping. If your jewellery collection is small, and you have a passion for making it bigger, create a plan as to how you will save up to buy more jewellery.


You have to be very careful about how you store your jewellery once you have finished wearing it because storage impacts the condition and appearance of each item. While on one hand, precious metals will quickly tarnish in humid conditions, free-flowing air can also have a negative impact on certain pieces. Also, jewellery placed together in one pouch for example is also not a good idea as the items can get easily scratched and/or damaged. It is a good idea to have a jewellery box to ensure your pieces are stored and protected well. With separate sections, tangling and scratching will be prevented, and it will be more organized. Furthermore, air exposure will be limited and no humidity inside the box. A necklace tree is also a good way to store jewellery but with this solution, regular cleaning of jewellery will be required.    

In addition to storing, it is also important to regularly clean your jewellery. A good idea would be to polish with a clean cloth after wearing and before putting it away in your jewellery box. Other cleaning methods involve a mild soap wash or wiping with a wet cloth. Always remember to be gentle on your jewellery.

So ultimately, always keep in mind that style and beauty comes with confidence. Avoid these few common jewellery mistakes and if something looks good on you, be proud to wear it.