Are you looking for a special gift for a special someone? Fine contemporary silver is one of the best presents for your loved one because you can design silver jewellery to your taste, and can symbolize a special occasion in your relationship. To purchase a piece of jewellery for someone, you have to consider her likes and dislikes, her looks, and her sense of style. Imagine her wearing the jewellery items that you are browsing through and choose something ideal for her.


  • A general rule of thumb when buying jewellery is to select what she would like, not what you would want to see her in.
  • Observe her when she shops, notice what items light up her eyes, and get her voice excited. You could return for it later and surprise her.
  • Get her something of sentimental value. For example, if you met her in Paris, a simple French charm bracelet may not be very costly but will have a lot of meaning and history.
  • Study your better half in terms of body type and what she wears. Does she wear colored stones? are they big or delicate? Does she like handmade jewellery? Does she have a long neck? Does she have a small face? How big are her hands?
  • Listen while she talks; she will drop hints or even tell you directly what she prefers and what she doesn’t.
  • If you are looking to surprise her, consult her best friend for tips and ideas on her preferences.
  • If you know she likes big stones, go for it – it’s always a safe bet to thrill her with something big and bold. BUT, don’t just ASSUME she likes big stones because that can turn her off.


Get your hands on one of her rings and bangles and measure the inner diameter with a ruler. Give these exact measurements to the jeweler and they should be able to figure out her hand and finger sizes. Another option for rings and bangles is to trace them onto paper. In the case of a bracelet or necklace, you can measure the entire length of it with a ruler or measuring tape.


Observe her style when you’ll go out:

  • What kind of clothes does she wear?
  • What colors does she prefer to wear?
  • Is she a minimalist or maximalist styled person?
  • Take notes on her current jewellery collection.

Answers to these will help you pick contemporary silver jewellery that matches compliments your special someone. You may even end up getting her the piece she’s been wanting to add to her jewellery collection!

Pro Tip:

Although the bling says a lot, what makes a gift special is the thought and attention you put into it. With the right gift, you can show that you understand her more than she can imagine!

Remember that each piece of jewellery has its symbol. If you could keep this in mind when scrolling through what jewellery to buy, you can score brownie points!


Did you know that wearing silver jewellery is healthy?!? Here are several health benefits seen as a result of wearing sterling silver jewellery.

  • Fights germs and prevents infections
  • Helps patients wanting to get relief from anxiety
  • Kills bacteria and protects skin from fungi and algae
  • Helps prevent electromagnetic radiation coming from gadgets
  • Changes color when in an extremely toxic environment
  • Is an antiseptic and self-sanitizing metal
  • Calms body energy by acting as a shield and heals the trauma contained within it


Online jewellery shopping offers the exclusive benefits of not having to wait for a salesman to serve you, being able to shop in the comfort of your own home and chair, and also being able to shop at any time of the day or night. Also, online stores offer special offers and discounts from time to time for the benefit of online shoppers.

When purchasing jewellery online, make sure you are on the site of a reputable seller. This can be difficult to guarantee so a good idea is to check reviews and see what people are saying about the retailer.

You could also communicate with the seller and clear any doubts before your purchase. Quality of silver, metals in the alloy, gift box and packaging, after-sales policies, warranties, return policies, and shipping policies are certain things you might want to clarify.

Websites of jewellery stores often have comments from customers for each product. By reading these, you can find out the product review and this will better help you decide what to purchase.

Professional and reputed silver jewellery stores present their products in a very professional matter – showing clear details and specifics of a product. Complete information regarding their products can be found on the website, giving buyers all the information needed, and making their decision easier.