Silver is a precious metal, and when certain other metals are added to pure silver, sterling silver is produced. Today, 90% of all pure silver is made to a standard of 92.5% sterling silver – which means that a small percentage of other metals are added so that the metal is flexible enough to make jewellery out of it. Yet, sterling silver is still more valuable than the silver with which coins are made – also known as coin silver.

Over the past decade or so, silver jewellery has evolved to make stylish fashion statements. Until recently, gold was a preferred metal choice for women’s jewellery, but as a result of the increased demand, the value and price of gold rapidly increased. Silver jewellery is versatile, durable, yet inexpensive and is gaining popularity. Sterling silver provides an alternative for women to enjoy unique and beautiful jewellery at a comparatively lesser price. Many men have also started investing in sterling silver rings for wedding bands instead of gold and other precious gemstones.


1. Long-lasting durability

When purchasing a jewellery item, you are investing a large sum of money and you want it to last. As long as you maintain your silver jewellery with care, you will never have to replace it. While authentic sterling silver will be slightly costly, it is worth it in the long run. For example, if you want your wedding ring to look the same 20 years from now, opt for sterling silver.

To avail these benefits of silver, make sure the jewellery you are buying is not just silver plated. Look for a label that says “925” or “silver”, which guarantees that the product is solid silver.

2. Luxury that comes at an affordable price

While gold jewellery may be too much of a financial burden, and junk jewellery is not really your thing, sterling silver strikes a worthy balance. Silver is a precious metal, but it is also much cheaper than other metals like platinum and gold.

Silver jewellery allows you to pamper yourself the way you had imagined: the unique look and longevity, while also being able to preserve funds for other priorities.

3. Don’t be left behind on the trends

Are you particular about keeping up with the trends in jewellery? With silver jewellery, you are assured that it won’t go out of style.

4. Always trendy and reputable

Sterling silver is perfect for anyone who likes to keep up with the trends. Why? Simply put, sterling silver doesn’t go out of style! The public eye may turn to gems, bands, bracelets, or necklaces, whatever it may be, your sterling silver jewellery will always be stylish enough.

Moreover, sterling silver jewellery has a global reputation. If anyone asks what you are wearing, if you say sterling silver, it gives an instant perception that you appreciate the finer things in life.

5. Can be worn with anything

Sterling silver looks amazing with any outfit you are wearing! From clothing to footwear to handbags and even other jewellery – sterling silver goes with everything.

6. Comes in a wide range of designs

Because silver is not a very hard metal, it is easy for jewellers to work with. As a result, the design variations are pretty much endless!

7. Easy to build a collection

Sterling silver is both versatile and budget-friendly – making it easy for anyone to build a collection of silver jewellery. Begin with a selection of pieces that make a grand statement, and build your way up to jewellery that is more appropriate for every-day occasions. Soon you will have a wide collection to choose from for every outfit that you wear.


  • Wearing your jewellery should be the last thing you do when you are getting dressed. Finish with your make-up, perfume, and hairspray before you wear the jewellery so that the chemicals do not come into contact with the jewellery.
  • Do not swim or take a shower with the jewellery on you.
  • Make sure you remove your jewellery before you exercise or do any sweaty activities.
  • Wearing silver jewellery at the beach is a bad idea because direct sunlight, sand, and saltwater will not be good for the jewellery. You’d rather save it for when you go for drinks at the bar.
  • Careful storage of silver jewellery is extremely essential in maintaining a long life span.
  • If, in any case, the silver metal gets tarnished, you can polish it yourself by simply brushing it with some toothpaste and it will look as good as new again!